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At Mars, we are encouraging more families to cook together through our first International Cook with Your Kids Day. In addition, we’re also creating a Better World for Pets™ by kicking off our Better Cities for Pets™ campaign.

tumblr_oc67iuq3DK1vcmrq8o1_1280.jpgBetter Cities for Pets

Nearly 80 million American households have pets. Can you imagine a world without them? We can’t. Like many, we see them as part of the family. Yet many people haven’t felt the love of a pet. They may have allergies or see pets as a nuisance. And as families get busier, budgets get tighter and communities become more urban, that human-pet bond is at risk. That’s’ why we kicked off a long-term campaign, BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ to help communities across the country become more pet-friendly.

"Starting in our headquarter hometown, we’re setting out to raise awareness on the value of pets and help non-pet-owners accept them in new places," explained Mark Johnson, President of Mars Petcare US. "More than ever, we want to see pet owners thrive by increasing our quality of life by taking Nashville a step further as great city for people with pets."

art 1 quote-01.pngBy collaborating with Nashville Mayor Megan Barry and celebrity pet, Bueller the Bully, we helped nearly 400 pets find new homes in just two days. Mars Petcare covered adoption fees at three Middle Tennessee shelters and families took home Mars Petcare “Wag Bags” to make sure their new pets were well-fed during their first few days at home. To advance the program and build a model for what a truly pet-friendly city should look like, Mayor Barry announced the partnership between Mars Petcare and Nashville Civic Design Center at the Nashville Civic Design Center’s Annual Luncheon to make Nashville a more pet-friendly city through design, development and transformational partnerships.

Follow our BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ initiative as we continue to help pets find loving homes, share education about responsible pet ownership, encourage acceptance of pets in more places, and drive policy changes that help people and pets.

cook-with-kids-logo.pngUNCLE BEN’S® Launches International Cook with Your Kids Day

On October 15, 2016, the UNCLE BEN’S® brand launched the first International Cook with Your Kids Day to prompt parents everywhere to set aside time to cook as a family. This day celebrated and inspired families to cook together, because getting children interested in cooking at an early age helps them establish healthy lifelong eating habits. 

Mars Food North America held events in Rancho Dominguez, California on Thursday, October 13th and in Greenville, Mississippi and Bolton, Ontario on Friday, October 14th. Associates were invited to bring their children to the Mars Food facilities and cook an UNCLE BEN'S® recipe with everyone, including local, public officials and some special guests including UNCLE BEN'S® spokesperson Kelly Rowland.

Families all over the world were encouraged to share photos, videos and/or stories of how they cook together – and what they cook together – on social media using the hashtag #LookWhatWeMade. In addition, the UNCLE BEN’S® Brand created a BEN'S BEGINNERS digital hub with interactive, family friendly cooking lessons and recipe tips to help inspires parents and kids to cook together at any skill level.

To look at what Mars Food Associates made, view our video here. 

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